What do we talk about in the AMA Membership?

Here’s a look at some of our topics!

(The number? That’s the place in the video where you can see the live demo. For example, when you’re watching the video, you can fast forward to minute 27 of the April 20 AMA to see how to put a MailChimp signup form on Facebook.)

April 20

  • :40 How to connect Leadpages and Mailchimp
  • 24:50 Signup button is light on LiveEditAurora (new IIN site)
  • 27:00 How to add a MailChimp signup form on a Facebook Page
  • 35:00 How to change the icon/favicon in the navigation bar (the realllllly small icon on your browser tab)
  • 50:00 Questions/answers for Becca, who is using the new IIN site

March 2

  • 4:40 How to install a recipe plugin and add a recipe
  • 20:00 What’s the difference between widgets and plugins?
  • 23:44 How to automate social media and more using IFTTT
  • 27:50 Automatically put your screenshots into a Dropbox folder

February 17

  • 2:07 How to become a source for media stories and get famous – HARO – Help a Reporter Out
  • 6:00 Source Bottle – same concept as HARO
  • 7:48 How to find keywords for your newsletter/blog and maybe even SEO – Answer the Public
  • 12:30 Different file formats for images – what’s the difference between .jpg, .png, and other file types?
  • 13:30 How to make a transparent background (hint: use Picmonkey)
  • 17:20 Facebook ad strategies
  • 20:40 Redirect new subscribers to a thank you page on your website instead of a generic MailChimp thank you page
  • 26:20 How to add people to a list of friends so you can post strategically on Facebook

February 3

  • 1:20 How to create courses … what things look like in different courses like BSchool, Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, Light it up Video Marketing
  • 6:50 How to add a Facebook Like box to your website (plugins)
  • 12:00 Recipe plugins that separate the recipe from the rest of the blog post and make it printable
  • 21:00 Pinterest plugins
  • 34:00 Other social sharing icons for WordPress and Weebly (Add This or Share This)
  • 39:50 Video challenge motivation ?
  • 41:00 Quiz builders as list-building strategy

November 18

Making Videos

  • 3:00 How to make videos with an iPhone
  • 5:18 Do I script my videos?
  • 6:20 What to do if I want to use notes or a script
  • 6:52 Apps on your phone to upload videos to YouTube and Vimeo
  • 7:20 Why I like Vimeo vs YouTube vs Facebook
  • 7:40 What to do next with videos

Other questions

  • 8:00 How to upload a report/pdf/document to Weebly (with or without Dropbox)
  • 12:00 How to link docs from Dropbox
  • 16:55 How I record podcasts (app called Opinion)
  • 19:00 The lapel microphone I use – Rode Smartlav Lavalier Microphone
  • 20:42 How I record client calls (app called TapeACall)
  • 23:20 Free course on how to brainstorm newsletter and opt-in content ideas
  • 26:50 Time to feed Lemon
  • 27:15 Call to Action on Facebook page
  • 30:50 Where to host photos other than WordPress website to save on hosting
  • 32:35 Scheduling tools
  • 36:20 Life philosophy around Leadpages

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